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The struggle is real

In the heart of Colorado Springs, where the sun can be relentless and the weather unpredictable, our home faced a common dilemma: an unbearable kitchen temperature before the clock even struck noon. The scorching rays would penetrate through the patio door, turning our once cozy kitchen into a sauna. Dining outside on our back deck, an ideal scenario for a family dinner, became a rare luxury due to the unforgiving afternoon heat. To add to our concerns, the aging wooden deck was not only unsightly but also posed a safety hazard with splintering treated wood, particularly worrisome for our young children. Frustrated by these challenges, we embarked on a journey to revitalize our outdoor living space. Little did we know that the decision to add a Timber Framed Deck would not only transform our home but also significantly enhance our quality of life.


Timber Framed Deck

Enter the timber framed covered deck—a game-changer in every sense. From the moment it was constructed, we felt an immediate shift in the energy of our home. No longer do we dread stepping into the kitchen; instead, we are greeted by a refreshing coolness, thanks to the shade provided by the deck overhead. This simple yet impactful addition truly helped improve the energy efficiency of our home, even on the hottest days.

With the addition of a covered deck, our outdoor dining experiences are no longer dictated by the weather forecast. Rain or shine, we can now enjoy lunches and dinners, indulging in the simple joys of grilling and sharing meals together as a family. We now make the most of our outdoor space year-round. Our covered deck has become a versatile extension of our home, inviting us to embrace the beauty of each season. Kids are able to play year-round, whether its blowing bubbles, painting or doing crafts, building snowmen or shoveling in the winter. Reading a book in the heat of the summer, outdoor movie nights, game nights and s’mores around the fire pit are our norm. Zoom meetings, savoring the quiet of early morning moments, and get togethers with loved ones are now not only possible, but enjoyable. The patio furniture, grill, and fire pit are no longer subject to the harsh weather conditions that shortened their lifespan. They have much less wear and tear due to being covered from the elements.

The addition of a covered deck has proven to be a wise investment in more ways than one. Not only has it significantly improved our quality of life, but it has also enhanced the overall appeal and value of our home. Potential buyers are drawn to the idea of an outdoor space that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather, making a covered deck a desirable feature in the competitive real estate market.

Our journey to upgrade our outdoor living space with a timber framed deck has been nothing short of transformative. From mitigating the heat in our kitchen to facilitating unforgettable family gatherings, it has impacted our lives for the better. If you’re considering upgrading your deck, consider the countless benefits of adding a covered space. Not only will it elevate your quality of life, but it will also add lasting value to your home—a decision you won’t regret!


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