Portfolio: Paver Walkway and Raised Garden Beds

At 365 Greenhouse & Eco-Scapes, we recently had the pleasure of working on a project that not only enhanced the functionality of a homeowner’s yard but also transformed its aesthetic appeal. This homeowner needed an updated paver walkway and some raised garden beds to breathe new life into their outdoor space. The old pathway was becoming an unsightly tripping hazard, with stones shifting, sinking, and lifting. We stepped in to create a sturdy path that’s both beautiful and practical.

The existing paver walkway was in dire need of attention. Over time, the stones had shifted, creating uneven surfaces that were not only unsightly but also a tripping hazard. The homeowner wanted a durable, attractive solution that would stand the test of time and enhance the overall look of their garden.

365 Greenhouse & Eco-scapes; Colorado Springs, Colorado; landscaping services; construction services; path installation; raised garden beds; Monument, Colorado

Removing the Old Pathway: We began by carefully removing the old pavers and preparing the ground for the new walkway. This involved leveling the surface and ensuring a solid foundation to prevent future shifting.

Installing a New Paver Walkway: We installed a new, beautifully designed paver walkway. Using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we created a pathway that is not only stable and durable but also adds an elegant touch to the yard. 

Adding Raised Garden Beds: To further enhance the garden, we incorporated raised garden beds alongside the home and shed. 

The Result: A Revitalized Garden Space

 The new paver walkway is smooth, stable, and visually appealing, providing a safe and attractive path to the shed. The raised garden beds add a touch of sophistication and offer a functional space for the homeowner to grow their favorite plants and flowers. The entire space now feels cohesive, welcoming, and full of life.

If your garden pathways are in need of an upgrade contact us here. Our team specializes in creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that you’ll love spending time in. Let us help you transform your garden into a stunning oasis. Reach out today for a consultation!

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